Ben Teach 2
Curricular Achievements
  • Created an Advanced Placement Literature and Composition curriculum.
  • Created a department-wide plan to improve the skills of sophomores and juniors who did not pass state-required standardized tests.
  • Created and taught an original online summer English course.
  • Developed a creative writing curriculum.
  • Led team of junior English teachers through SAT-focused curriculum development.
  • Member of one of the top-ranked public-school English departments in Indiana.
Extracurricular Involvement

Sponsored the following clubs (in alphabetical order):

Coached the following sports and extracurricular activities (in alphabetical order):

Other Professional Awards and Achievements

Earned the following awards and achievements:

  • Three-time student-selected graduation speaker (2015, 2016, 2018)
  • Yale Educator Award recipient (2018)
  • Spoke at an “Is Your School Suicide Ready? Symposium as a representative of GSAs in Northwest Indiana (2018)
  • English Department Chair (past)
Other Professional Involvement
  • Member – Indiana University School of Education Alumni Association Board of Directors
    • 2020 – Present
  • Member – Dollars for Scholars of UTSC Board of Directors
    • 2014 – 2022
  • Member – MHS STEM Recertification Team
    • 2021 – 2022
  • Delegate – Indiana State Teachers Association Representative Assembly
    • 2019